Deadly Kindness

One night there is a desperate bang at the door. The man rushes to the door to find his son whom he has not seen in years standing there in bloody clothes. The son explains that he just killed a man and did not know where to go.

The dad rushes him into the house and tells him to clean up, find some clean clothes and disappear for a few months while he takes care of this.

Several minutes later the police are at the door. The father answers the door wearing his son’s bloody clothes.

He is arrested, stands trial, and is convicted of murder.

The father is sentenced to death and is executed.

When the son reappears and learns of what his dad has done for him, he is a changed man.

Christ came to earth to do the same for you and me. We may not have committed horrible crimes, but in the eyes of God, any sin will separate us from Him. Since He loves us all and does not want to be without any of us, He created a solution. Jesus Christ received the death penalty so we can have eternal life.

If you are not sure you will go to heaven when you die, you can be absolutely sure!

Jesus Christ guarantees you will be welcomed into heaven if you:

1. Believe He rose from the dead.

2. Allow Him to guide you through life.

3. Tell someone what you now believe.

The bible verse for this is Romans 10:9