How To Fix a Bad Day

We all have them. Things go wrong. Something broke. An unexpected bill. And on and on. We are focused on that problem. It is nagging at us. It is bringing us down.

What do you do?

Change your focus. Adjust your perspective. Or as one famous quote puts it, ‘Be thankful in all things.’ Not necessarily for all things, because some things are bad, but IN all circumstances be thankful.

It’s a mind thing. How you think and what you think about will make a difference. The problem won’t go away, but you can relieve some pressure this way.

Things have not always gone bad for you, so think about one of your good days. Relive it in your mind. Be glad about it. Those thoughts will bring up your spirits. Smile and enjoy it. Think of another success. Remember how good it felt?

There you go. You’re feeling a little better.

Why Is the Word ‘Sorry’ So Hard For Some People?

When a person can’t or won’t apologize when necessary, there is a problem.

People with low self-worth may feel too insecure or afraid to admit to a mistake and apologize.

People with exaggerated self-esteem have trouble facing the fact that they made a mistake and need to apologize.

So when a ‘Sorry’ is needed, just remember this. To those that struggle with self-worth issues, you are valuable. Apologizing will not make you less, it will actually make you better.

And to those that think they can do no wrong, everyone does things wrong. Saying I’m sorry will make you better too.