My Sweet Lady

In the soft glow of the evening’s embrace, With my sweet lady, in a tender space.
Her gentle touch, a whispering breeze, In her presence, my soul finds ease.

Beneath the stars, in the quiet night, Her eyes, two beacons of loving light.
In her arms, a haven, a peaceful rest, With her, I feel truly, infinitely blessed.

Through the dance of life, in joy and strife, She stands as my rock, the heart of my life.
In her laughter, a symphony, so bright, Turning darkest moments into light.

Her care, a river, deep and wide, In its flow, I gratefully abide.
A garden of love, where we both grow, In her care, my heart, forever aglow.

With each dawn, her love anew, A blessing, pure and forever true.
For my sweet lady, a song I’ll sing, In her love, my heart takes wing.

So here’s to her, my guiding star, In her care, I’ve come so far.
To love and cherish, in every way, My sweet lady, my light, my day.

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