Are You Giving Her Enough?

A man, hoping to show his affection, buys a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend.
He surprises her at her office, and with a wide smile, he says, “I got you these flowers because they remind me of you: beautiful, delicate, and… well, they’ll probably wilt if I don’t give them enough attention!”

His Poem Of Love

In the garden of love, where whispers entwine, A sweet lady blooms, gracefully divine.
Tender are the moments, softly shared, In her eyes, a universe, endlessly cared.

Gentle hands, like an artist, sculpt the days, Crafting smiles, in wondrous, heartwarming ways.
In her laughter, a melody, pure and true, A song of love, forever renewing, ever new.

In the warmth of her embrace, time stands still, Every heartbeat, a testament of love’s will.
Through storms and sunshine, by her side I’ll stay, Caring for my sweet lady, in every way.

In her, a world of kindness, brightly lit, A flame of love, that never shall submit.
To care for her, a privilege, a blessed fate, Together, hand in hand, we navigate.

So here’s to love, in its purest form, In caring for her, my heart is warm.
For in her smile, my world, perfectly arrayed, My sweet lady, in love’s tender shade.