What Do You Think Of Your Mom and Dad?

There are good parents, bad parents, and everything in between. How would you rate your parents?

One evaluation technique is “If you don’t have to spend your adult life recovering from your childhood, you had good parents.” And the issues go deeper than your parents. How were their parents? How they treated you is likely related to how they were treated.

It is a complex issue, but the bottom line is your peace of mind in this area depends on what you think of your parents. The key issue here is what you THINK. Your perceptions of your parents are very important.

Experts say you will have a longer life by focusing on the good your parents did for you or with you instead of the bad times. For those with terrible parents this is much more difficult than for others, but dig deep. It is far more healthy mentally to remember the good times than the bad.

If your parents are still alive and available, share that good experience with them. Although they will probably appreciate the conversation, you are not doing it for them as much as you are doing it for yourself. It will help you cement a positive experience in your mind. It will make you a better person.

How To Not Be a Loser

Here is a surefire way to never win. In fact, it could make you a lifetime loser. It is to look at other people and compare yourself to them.

You’re one-of-a-kind. No one else is like you. God made you different than everyone else on purpose. No two people are exactly alike. Take that individuality and improve on it. Be the best you.

Focus inward. Be a better you than you were yesterday. Decide what you can do better and do it. Sure, you may see traits in others that you would like to model, so do it but make them your own.

And when you achieve a personal goal, reward yourself, because you’re a winner, you deserve it!