Over the last few months, I’ve noticed Emily becoming more and more withdrawn. Her fear of rejection, a scar from a past relationship, seemed to be taking a toll on her. I knew I had to do something, something that reminded her of the joy we’ve shared since we first met.

I decided to recreate our first date. It was a simple evening — a picnic at the park, under the same sprawling oak tree where we had laughed and shared stories a year ago. I scattered little notes around, each expressing my unconditional love and acceptance. I wanted her to know that her fears, while valid, had no place between us.

As the evening unfolded, Emily’s initial hesitation gradually melted away. She found each note, reading them with a growing smile that I hadn’t seen in weeks. When she reached the last note, her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Mark, I… I’ve been so scared,” she confessed, her voice trembling. “Scared that you’d find me too broken to love.”

I took her hands, looking into her eyes. “Emily, my love for you only grows stronger, especially when you think you’re at your weakest. I’m here, always.”

That night, as I held her close, we didn’t just revisit our first date. We reignited a promise, a promise that my love was, and always will be, unwavering.

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