Conflicts. Who Should Win?

Since all relationships will have conflicts and differences of opinion, what do you do? Take for example a conflict between a husband and wife. She is trying to keep the house looking neat and tidy and he leaves his stuff laying around. Depending on how she expresses her frustration, she may drop hints, complain, nag, or blow up. His response to her is critical to improving their relationship.

One extreme he can take is “this is my house, I’ll do what I want.” or “oh, I forgot” etc. But the bottom line is do you as a husband respect your wife enough to value her desires and wishes? There must always be understanding and often compromise. The best of all is to listen to her, sit down and work it out. That would be kindness in action. The opposite would be selfishness, which will only lead to more problems.

The same goes for the woman. Respect your man and do your best to listen to his desires and try to please him. A great relationship puts the other person first.

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