The Villain

In relationships, there is a villain that hurts those you care about and keeps you from building new friendships and growing the ones you have. It is subtle in its destruction. It is more of a fault by omission instead of something obvious.

This villain is inaction.

The reasons are many but most stem from selfishness, fear, or pride. Possibly lack of focus on someone else’s needs, fear of rejection, or being too proud to admit wrong.

In both repairing relationships and maintaining and growing relationships, action is needed.

That action can be as simple as a handshake to acknowledge an acquaintance’s presence, a phone call to mom for no reason, or a special gift to the one you love.

The easier way is to do nothing, but it comes with a big price later. A large snowball is made from a very small one.

Don’t let inaction toward those you love snowball into damaged or broken relationships.

Don’t let a friendship you have fade away because you did nothing.

Don’t be lonely because you did not make the effort to grow a friendship.

Don’t let this villain win.

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