You Talk To Yourself?

Good, you should. And be nice.

Self-talk can be very healthy, either out loud or in your mind. It is helpful to point out to yourself all your good points. Build yourself up. This is essential to good self-esteem.

Now the hard part. Like all of us, you have your problems too; those areas in your life that need improvement.

With others as well as yourself, it is essential to differentiate between what you do and who you are.

You may not always like what you do, but you can always like who you are.

Self-talk would say “I am a valuable, capable human being created by God. I can (list your best traits). I will continue doing better and better every day because I can. I am worth the effort”

Counsel from others is also very important but is probably not available at a moment’s notice. This is why practicing self-talk is so essential. You are always there for you.

So practice being your own best counselor and best friend 🙂

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